"I am running to serve as a voice of concern and change for every person in our town. I will bring integrity and the willingness to act and engage with respect and in the service of all. For more than a decade, I have been an active volunteer and advocate in Wellesley for housing, youth and education, and women’s empowerment."
Financial Common Sense

One of the big responsibilities of the Select Board is to oversee the town budget.  I bring financial common sense.: balancing the budget, understanding the compromises we need to make today to secure a strong financial future for Wellesley.  I am concerned about how the pandemic has brought about financial hardship in our town.  On the Select Board, I would like to see a long term capital budget that uses fiscal discipline and looks at the long term consequences of our spending today.  I am prepared to research and review practical options to work with our current town budget and take in consideration the financial impact on our residents.

Environmentally Safe and Sustainable Communities


Wellesley's commitment to support sustainable communities is a priority I will work to advance through dialogue and engagement with the departments of Sustainable Energy Committee and the Wellesley Municipal Department. I am committed to identify ways we can test or enhance current proposals; as well as taking advantage of the wealth of knowledge regarding emerging trends or research that can move Wellesley toward being more environmental sustainable.

I want to also work to ensure that the models and processes that are designed and implemented are not financially prohibitive and that all Wellesley families from all walks of life are able to implement environmentally sustainable practices.

Housing Equity and Community Input

I am a 12 year public housing resident of Wellesley. I have a tremendous amount of respect for those who rent and own in this town. All of our neighbors deserve the right to access affordable and safe housing opportunities. If elected, I will advocate for increased engagement from all communities, increased access to information and increased opportunities for families to participate in short, intermediate or long-term housing discussions.

Strengthen Ties With Seniors

Wellesley seniors are a vital part of the fabric of our town. Far too often their concerns are not prioritized. As a Selectman, I would provide more opportunities for seniors to engage fully in all aspects of our town. I would advocate for increased human interaction whether online through "Virtual Visits" that are mutually beneficial, and work with seniors to ensure they have authentic ways to engage with one another and communities throughout Wellesley.

Support Small Businesses 

In the wake of COVID-19, Wellesley small businesses have stepped up and demonstrated how interconnected many of them our to our families, and how essential their businesses are to supporting our community. Unfortunately, the pandemic has also forced  the closure of small businesses that could not sustain the uncertainty. caused some local establishments to close and that impact is already felt. As a Selectman, I will work to find creative solutions to support small businesses to be able to stay and thrive in our town. I will also work with local businesses to create more expansive approaches to prominently feature our businesses during large scale events like the Boston Marathon, or other iterations.