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 Proven Leader,
 Dedicated Changemaker 

Thank You for the Support and following my pursuit of Change!

Well, Wellesley, we ran a great attempt for the Select Board seat. Although I fell short of the ultimate goal, we can't deny that a quarter of the people who voted this past election, are supporting some CHANGES in Local Town politics.  I'm so grateful and say “ Thank You All “ for the support and exuberant following. Throughout the campaign, we started good conversations and raised some eyebrows, while imagining what a diverse Select Board might look like. I witnessed community engagement that solidifies how much each of you care about my vision and Wellesley's future.

Your faith and confidence sent a definitive message: Wellesley needs to be reminded that we have more than one voice. Let's continue to express this even louder next time, and keep trying until we are ALL heard. 

Thank you to everyone who supported this campaign with letters, donations, volunteerism and words of encouragement. Speaking with and meeting so many dedicated citizens has inspired me to be resilient in my efforts to make Wellesley better everyday. If you share my passion for diversifying town government, if your interested in researching my work and proven dedication,contact my campaign and sign up to join my team. Together we can still make changes. Reach out and share your thoughts! 


Your partner in the pursuit of change,


Odessa Sanchez 

48 Barton Road 

Precinct E Town Meeting Member

Wellesley Housing Authority Board-Chair

Wellesley Historical Commission

MW Commission on the Status of Women -Legistlative Chair


Donna Ticchi

" I believe that our Select Board would benefit from another change over the next three years, and that is the change that Odessa Sanchez would bring..."
"She is a champion of the rights of all and especially the most vulnerable in our town..."
Recap Odessa's Candidates Night. Search the blogs for how Odessa responds to the questions voters are asking!

Odessa Sanchez 
Wellesley Select Board Candidate

Dear Friends,


I ask all Wellesley voters to support me being

elected to the Select Board.


My strongest application for this position is my track

record of dedication, responsiveness and a history of

community advocacy in Wellesley for over the last 16 years. For example, I'm proud of my work as Chair of the Wellesley Housing Authority Board, Town Meeting Member, Historical Commission, League of Women Voters Wellesley- Nomination Committee, D.E.I. Taskforce, Wellesley Women's Initiatives, Wellesley Civil Discourse Conversations, and many other contributions to strive to improve the quality of life for all in Wellesley.

I work hard to contribute to positive progress in town through my service and, I am not finished yet. I will continue to seek ways to improve our community if I am elected.


     In fulfilling this mission, I'm committed to the following priorities:

  • Engaging with residents to include neighborhood feedback on any zoning or housing options.

  • Advocating for our most vulnerable citizens and encourage fair, open-minded solutions to age old challenges.

  • Addressing major development and growth issues, such as promoting smart zoning and preservation of historic properties.

  • Guarding the interests of our youth population, protecting their safety and well-being. Promoting active lifestyles through fitness and mentorship

  • Assisting business growth and economic development with innovative strategies that include sectors of community that are often overlooked or disadvantaged.

  • Improving the town's mobility and transportation landscape, including making Wellesley even more " walkable" and address bike issues.

  • Celebrating our town treasures, the dedicated men, women and families who represent our Veterans community.

  • Support budget and policy initiatives that support our schools without neglecting the impact to our age strong and general population.

  • Advocating and offering recommendations regarding policies that will improve access to opportunities and equality for girls and women in our town as well as statewide. 

My message of local government lacking diversity in Leadership, is not a criticism, it's a challenge. I feel confident the voters in town believe that a town cannot be truly 'welcoming' while leadership roles are eluded from being held by people of diverse ethnicities. 


Once again thank you all, and remember all of the candidates that really speak to your vision of making Wellesley a better community,  and then help them succeed in those efforts. 

I am excited to run for office and I ask for your vote and support on
Tuesday, March 5th.

Odessa Sanchez 

Assistant Teacher /Cheer Coach

Wellesley Housing Authority Board-Chair

Precinct E Town Meeting Member

Wellesley Historical Commission

Town D.E.I. Taskforce 

League of Women Voters Wellesley-Nomination Comm

Massachusetts Commission on The Status of Women-Legislative Chair

Start Video at 8.29


One of the many responsibilities of the Select Board is to oversee the town budget. I would bring financial common sense to the board: Balancing the budget, avoiding overspending for the future of Wellesley & understanding the compromises neccesary to make sound decisions today.


I'm a 16 year resident and community advocate. I am the Chair of the WHA Board of Commisioners, and appointed to the town's  D.E.I. Taskforce. I work with families who have experienced housing instability.  Housing is at the intersection of everything I care about in Wellesley. From the environment, to transportation, to equity.


Our small business community is starting to rejuvinate itself, evident by the increase of new business openings. One of my visions for Wellesley is a vibrant Downtown area of which would be visited widely. Town government should make sure businesses have the tools to not only survive, but also surpass imaginations. 


I am committed to being an active member of the Wellesley Community, which is indicated by my years of participation as an elected, appointed , and volunteer commitee member. I am also known for being an outspoken advocate for protecting the rights and wellness of our community.

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Odessa in the Community


Melanie Kelly

Svea & Scott Fraser

  • Oscar Sanchez Shiloh White

  • Jayla Glover Isis Glover

  • Shamus Miller Anthony Mullin

  • Joe Roberts Kate Yen

  • James Roberti Donna Marie Ticchi

  • Neily Soto Shari & Kevin Johnson

  • Sandy Seifert Melanie Kelly

  • Linda Champion Heather Hamilton

  • Raj Dhanda Christopher Spagnuolo

  • Jean Walsh Scott & Svea Fraser

  • Frank & Susan Pinto Bruce Franco

  • Marie Taylor & Dick Teneyck

  • Bill & Sylvia Hahn-Griffiths

  • Eliot & Jan Putnam Jim Rodrigue

  • Chistine Crowley Mike & Peggy Gigante

  • Donna Ticchi

Committee and Supporters Acknowledgements
to Elect Odessa Sanchez

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